The story of local business owners who decided to change the world

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Banque Nationale

With Isabelle Maréchal

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With Donna Saker

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With Kim Rusk and Philippe Bertrand

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Isabelle Maréchal

Femmes dirigeantes, mode d’emploi

Animé par Isabelle Maréchal, Inspiration Inc. au 98,5, nous introduit à la réalité de dix femmes entrepreneures québécoises ou qui sont à des poste de cadres supérieurs au sein de grandes entreprises. Ces femmes nous dévoileront ce qui les a incités à choisir d’oser percer le fameux « plafond de verre » et comment elles réussissent au quotidien à avoir de l’impact pour influencer l’écosystème économique québécois. À la fin de chacun des podcasts, Geneviève Desautels nous aidera à tirer profit du parcours de ces femmes inspirantes dans notre propre cheminement professionnel.

Donna Saker

10 Remarkable Local Women Power

Hosted by Donna Saker and Davender Gupta. Inspiration Inc. is the story of ten local business women who decided to transform their own lives and to change the world. Work-life balance, sacrifices, ambitions, obstacles and further projects are only some chapters of their amazing stories. These brilliant women are going to open themselves up during fifteen minutes of relevant, interesting, and most importantly, inspiring success stories!

Kim Rusk et Philippe Bertrand

Changeons le monde, un entrepreneur à la fois

Animé par Kim Rusk et Philippe Richard Bertrand. Inspiration Inc., c’est le portrait de 10 entrepreneurs d’ici qui vont changer le monde à leur façon dans les prochaines années. 10 parcours complètement inspirants, racontés en approximativement 15 minutes chacun et qui abordent des thèmes tout aussi inspirants qu’éducatifs. C’est 10 tête-à-tête avec des rock stars en devenir de l’entreprenariat.

How to determine your hourly rate as an entrepreneur

Presented by Banque Nationale

It’s time to set aside your emotions to rationally calculate your hourly rate as an entrepreneur.

“What is your hourly rate?” That is the million-dollar question for entrepreneurs torn between asking for a low amount in order to obtain contracts and requesting a rate high enough to turn an interesting profit. But what if you simply calculated your optimal hourly rate?

This is what Valérie Parizeault did about five years after launching her business, Studio Rose Flash, a company specializing in websites and brand image. She decided to share the strategy she used for calculating her rate on her blog.

“Money is an emotional issue, but at one point, the problem needs to be viewed from a mathematical perspective,” states the entrepreneur.

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How to land your first venture capitalist

Presented by Banque Nationale

Tips to make your first million

Obtaining venture capital is a step that many entrepreneurs find daunting or view as unattainable. Several question how they will convince people to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, in their company. François Gilbert, President of Anges Québec, agreed to share a few tips.

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5 great reasons to sign up for a Startup Weekend

Presented by Banque Nationale

Get ready to dive into the creative universe of startups.

Does seeing business incubators bursting with creativity make you think you’d also like to start your own business? But are you questioning whether entrepreneurship is really for you? A Startup Weekend is the place to find out. Here are five great reasons to participate in one.

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What does market research look like in the era of 2.0?

Presented by Banque Nationale

When we talk about market research, we automatically think of voluminous documents made up of the results of interminable questionnaires. For many though, that’s ancient history.

Market research is actually undergoing a full transition as a result of changes in technology, as you can notice by listening Andrew Reid’s interview, the founder of Vision Critical.

If you’re looking to collect this type of valuable information, here are a few bold ways to do it.

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What are your business’ 3 fundamental values?

Presented by Banque Nationale

We all have values, and it’s better to establish yours right from the launch of your start-up in order to stand out.

You have your hands full with the development of your business. On top of that, you’re asking yourself questions about your mission and your core values. Great! Choosing three fundamental values for your business right from the start is a key to success!

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A Guide to Incubators

Presented by Banque Nationale

Incubators are sprouting up everywhere. Would you know how to pick the right one for your business project? Our country is becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurship, with a whole ecosystem developing to support it. Business incubators illustrate this trend and are multiplying in Montreal. However, each has its own characteristics. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice, with tips from Christian Perron, Executive Director of PME MTL, a network of experts in financing that supports entrepreneurs in the city.

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One Dragons’ Crucial Business Advice

Presented by Banque Nationale

Michele Romanow reveals the three things that every entrepreneur should know about running a business.

Michele Romanow may only be 32 years old, but if anyone knows what it takes to create a successful business, it’s her. The Dragons’ Den judge, serial entrepreneur and the only Canadian on Forbes’ Millennial on a Mission list, launched, at age 19, her first business, The Tea Room, a zero-waste coffee shop located at Queen’s University, in Kingston. She has created several other companies since.

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Start-up Motivation: You Only Have to be Right Once!

Presented by Banque Nationale

“It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed, you just need to be right once”. Three local entrepreneurs tell us how this quote from Drew Houston, cofounder of Dropbox, resembles their own experiences launching a start-up.

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Founding… or Acquiring an Existing Business?

Presented by Banque Nationale

Entrepreneurial acquisitions, which consist of acquiring an existing business rather than starting one’s own, is an increasingly popular option amongst entrepreneurial succession. Vincent Lecorne, director general of the Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec (CTEQ), explains why.

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